Lex&Co: Strategic Ally for Insurance Intermediaries

When an insurance company rejects a claim, policyholders usually experience a feeling of discomfort and uneasiness, which in some cases may affect the intermediaries of such insurance institutions, since they are the direct human contact between the company and the insured, they are the ones who sell the promise of a payment when an eventuality occurs and therefore this rejection may affect people, The promoter or broker, as a consequence of the non-payment of the insurance, the insured loses confidence and stops contracting insurance through said intermediary. Lex&Co has developed a program of synergy between intermediaries, whether they are promoters or brokers, in order to associate with them to support the insured in case of rejection.

It should be mentioned that Lex&Co is integrated by postgraduate lawyers and specialists in insurance matters by experts in medicine, valuation, land traffic facts, engineering and accounting who assist the professionals of the firm in order to obtain the payment of a claim that was rejected by an insurance company receiving in exchange only a percentage of the amount recovered.

Therefore, Lex&Co’s guarantee is that if the insured does not collect the insurance, we do not charge fees, in this understanding Lex&Co offers intermediaries its support in order to obtain the payment of a claim that was rejected by the insurance company without involving them directly in the operation, which will avoid any problems with the insurer, this is so because Lex&Co performs the management directly before the insurer or the authority and signs directly the service contract with the insured without involving the intermediary in the management of the process.

The benefits received by the intermediary are as follows
– A percentage of the fees charged by Lex&Co in case of obtaining the insurance payment.
– Increased confidence on the part of the insured
– Additional service for policyholders
– Less loss of clients as a result of rejections made by the insurer.
If you are an intermediary and would like to partner with Lex&Co, please contact us for more information.
Lex&Co… The Art of Winning

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