More than 30 years of experience suing banks and insurance companies.


We guarantee the best service and legal process available.

We do not charge if we do not win

We only charge the minimum procedural expenses to carry out your procedure.

If you have a promissory note or a check that has not been paid, or any other judicial collection problem, do not worry with Lex & Co consider it solved.

More than 4,500 favorable judgments back us up, as well as 30 years of experience in the business. Likewise, our experience has led us to participate in multiple judicial procedures of national relevance and intervened in the media.

Lex & Co is a guarantee of excellent results in the collection of receivables, through innovative and versatile structures that added to the implementation of pioneering strategies in the market, make us stand out as an ally with a high capacity of response for our clients.

In Lex & Co we have a team of professionals, specialized and with extensive experience in the management of judicial and extrajudicial collection processes.

If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, such as the collection of promissory notes, contact us because with Lex & Co specialists in Judicial Collection, consider it solved, our advice is free and does not generate any commitment.

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Our seriousness and wide experience suing banks and insurance companies have allowed us to participate in different radio and television programs, always in defense and protection of policyholders and users of financial services.

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