More than 30 years of experience suing banks and insurance companies.


We guarantee the best service and legal process available.

We do not charge if we do not win

We only charge the minimum procedural expenses to carry out your procedure.

With more than 4,500 favorable rulings, 30 years of experience in the business and up to 30 million pesos in compensation for moral damages and civil liability, Lex&Co is positioned as the leading firm in moral damages lawsuits in Mexico.

Our experience has led us to participate in multiple legal proceedings of national and international relevance. We have also intervened in various media as experts in moral damages and civil liability.
So if you were a victim of moral damages we can help you, because we can get you compensated up to 30 million pesos. Our function consists of obtaining the compensation that by law corresponds, implementing the most innovative jurisprudential criteria and legal dispositions in the matter, even using international law to increase the amounts demanded, since with us, in addition to the compensation for moral damages, we obtain compensation for punitive damages and material damages.

Also, if the tort that generates moral damages consists of an objective subjective civil liability, compensation for such concept is also demanded. This guarantees to each and every one of our clients the delivery of a complete justice that unfortunately in our country is diminished by the lack of knowledge and professionalism of other law firms and how we do that in a very simple way for our clients.
In Lex&Co we are aware that the victims of moral damages have a suffering in their honor decorum, reputation, physical and psychological integrity and in the consideration that people have of themselves, which produces a global deterioration of the person as well as a generalized discomfort that must be compensated in a fair and sufficient way to guarantee a full compensation of their legal sphere.

At Lex&Co we analyze the specific case and plan a personalized litigation strategy together with our team of experts formed by the best lawyers, scientific experts, intangible property experts and actuaries from all over Mexico. Once this strategy is done, we jurisdictionally sue the responsible party with the purpose of obtaining the greatest benefits for our clients, which we do guaranteeing them the best service and existing legal process committing ourselves in writing and with the tranquility that we do not charge legal fees if we do not win the trial, but simply the minimum procedural expenses to carry out the procedure, as if this were not enough, the strategy we offer is without cost or commitment since at no time do we charge for the necessary appointments for the processing and the judicial procedure.

For all the above we are sure that we are the best option and the only law firm that offers this security and transparency and excellence in the provision of its services as Albert said: “it’s crazy to do the same thing over and over again expecting to get different results” so if you want different results contact us and together we will solve it…Well with Lex&Co consider it solved.

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Our seriousness and wide experience suing banks and insurance companies have allowed us to participate in different radio and television programs, always in defense and protection of policyholders and users of financial services.

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