AMIS warns about fraudulent practices in medical insurance

In recent months, a new type of fraud has spread […]

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Ranking of insurance companies in Mexico: which ones have the worst reputation in 2023?

If you are going to take out insurance, we recommend […]

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Does life insurance expire if it is not collected?

When purchasing an insurance policy, it is essential to select […]

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What is a transfer of property and what are the requirements?

When purchasing a property you can choose different modalities to […]

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What to do if the insurer does not want to pay?

One of the worst fears of those who have contracted […]

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What are the grounds for a business closure fine?

Unfortunately, businesses in Mexico can be suspended by the authorities […]

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What do I do if I receive a bad check?

Detecting whether or not a check has funds is a […]

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Older adults: victims of fraud by Afore coyotes

Older adults are often victims of fraud as they are […]

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What you need to know about hurricane insurance

After the effects of Hurricane Otis in Acapulco, it is […]

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