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Unfortunately, when driving on the streets all drivers face the risk of an accident. However, a collision between two drivers who have insurance is not the same as one in which only one party has insurance and the other does not. Today we will tell you what can happen and how to avoid fraud in these cases.


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The risks of bumper lifts

By law, it is mandatory to have car insurance to drive, even if the coverage is only for civil liability. Despite this, thousands of drivers circulate on the streets without complying with this requirement and many of them intentionally collide with other drivers to force them to pay in cash.

It should be noted that not all drivers who do not have insurance are bumper riders, but the following recommendations will help you act in the event of an accident.

Recommendations to avoid falling into fraud in a car accident

If you are in a car accident and the driver you collide with does not have insurance, we recommend:


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When the adjuster arrives, they will inspect the damages and, if the uninsured driver is responsible for the accident, they should be required to pay in full for the car repairs and medical expenses of the passengers.

Only the insurance adjuster must evaluate the damage, request repair and negotiate payment terms. Avoid reaching agreements without the intervention of the adjuster to avoid fraud or poorly performed repairs if you accept that the other person takes the vehicle to their own mechanic.

Be careful with complementary insurance or double policies. Many insurance agents seek to sell policies to their clients, even if they already have car insurance, and tell them that having two complementary insurance policies will protect them from cases like this. However, you will end up paying more for the contract, the premium and you could be unpleasantly surprised that the two insurers withdraw the protection.

Finally, if the other driver does have insurance, but his policy does not cover the full amount of damages, it will probably be necessary to reach a settlement or start a legal process to demand reparation of the damage.


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