More than 30 years of experience suing banks and insurance companies.


We guarantee the best service and legal process available.

We do not charge if we do not win

We only charge the minimum procedural expenses to carry out your procedure.


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Welcome to LEX & Co. We are a life insurance law firm and we make the insurance company pay you or we do not charge legal fees. We have a team of insurance fraud lawyers, actuaries, doctors and expert private investigation experts. Our primary objective is to provide legal advice in the collection of life insurance for people whose insurer refused to pay a claim. Likewise, with the professionalism of our team of lawyers we take care of refuting unilateral rescissions that an insurance institution has made on the contract.

Our function is simple, we sue both insurance companies and banks on behalf of their clients in order to obtain the payment and fulfillment of the following benefits:

  1. That the insurer pays the insured for a claim that it rejected and therefore, complies with the insurance contract that it entered into with the client, since it already enjoyed a premium, which constrains it to comply with a performance of giving, in terms of article 59 of the Law of the matter.
  2. That any credit institution (banks and financial institutions), reimburse the amount of money that was unduly paid due to the forgery of a check, a charge not recognized by the client, an unrecognized electronic transfer, the undue retention of its resources (seizure, immobilization or freezing) or, in short, any irregular operation carried out by the bank.

And how do we do that?

In a very simple way for our clients.

At LEX & Co. we are aware that everyone is tired of the bureaucracy, paperwork and red tape, totally unjustified that insurance and credit institutions in this country impose on their clients, which they do with the nefarious and despicable objective of physically and mentally exhausting the users and this to grotesquely enrich themselves.

Thus, at LEX & Co. we analyze the specific case and plan a legal – litigation strategy, personalized in conjunction with our team of experts, made up of the best lawyers, experts and actuaries in Mexico.

Once this strategy is done, we sue the aforementioned institutions, with the purpose of obtaining the greatest benefits for our clients, which we do by guaranteeing them the best service and legal process available, committing ourselves in writing.


We guarantee the best service and existing legal process, committing ourselves in writing and with the peace of mind that we DO NOT CHARGE LEGAL FEES, IF WE DO NOT WIN THE TRIAL, but simply the minimum procedural expenses to carry out your procedure.

Life Insurance Lawyers with Guarantee

We invite you to learn about the guarantee we offer our clients: At LEX & CO our lawyers make the insurer pay you or we do not charge our fees. Come to us, LEX & CO “The Art of Winning”.

Life insurance collection

At LEX & CO we have more than 30 years of experience in life insurance collection. More than 4,500 favorable rulings accompany us, likewise, our experience has led us to participate in multiple judicial proceedings of national relevance and intervened in the media as experts in insurance and banking. We invite you to review our section “LEX & Co. on Radio and Television”.

Our lawyers, doctors and actuaries have the necessary training to provide you with timely and efficient assistance in insurance matters, making sure that the results are favorable for our clients. Unlike other law firms, at LEX & CO we have a team of experts with the technical, theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to confront the problems arising from the breach of the insurance contract, but we also have a team of lawyers with knowledge and experience in various areas of law.

For all of the above, we are sure that we are the best option and the only law firm that offers this security, transparency and excellence in the provision of its services.

As Albert Einstein said:

“It is folly to do the same thing over and over again expecting to get different results”.

So, if you want different results, contact us and together we will solve it, because with LEX & Co. consider it solved.

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