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On June 7, an operation was carried out in a bar in the Historic Center, where the attendance limits for a venue of these characteristics were allegedly exceeded. Today we will tell you what happened and why this place was closed.


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The operation carried out by the Secretariat of Government of Mexico City (SEGOB), originally originated as a result of an anonymous complaint received, where it was mentioned that in a bar on Francisco I. Madero Street marked with the number 20 there were more of 3 thousand young people in an event called “Voca Fest”.

Upon the arrival of the authorities, the property, which has a total capacity for 500 people, was evacuated. At the scene, several young people were found in an apparent state of alcoholism, who were treated by personnel from the Rescue and Medical Emergency Squadron (ERUM).

Due to the obvious inconsistencies presented by the place, in addition to the lack of updated documentation that will prove the activities that were carried out there, personnel from the Administrative Verification Institute (INVEA) carried out the placement of temporary closure seals.


Another overflow at “El Perro Salado” bar

After a week of having closed a bar in the streets of the Historic Center due to overcapacity and lack of documentation. On June 14, the acclaimed bar “El Perro Salado” was involved in an operation carried out by CDMX authorities.

This operation was carried out by INVEA, FGJ and Civil Protection personnel following multiple complaints from neighbors who reported the notable overcrowding of the place and the possible sale of alcohol to minors.


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Bar staff were the ones who, upon seeing the presence of the government elements, closed the place to prevent their entry, which led to leaving a considerable number of people inside, who after a few minutes were able to free them and provide them with medical attention for mild suffocation and some more for alcohol poisoning.

Both places presented inconsistencies regarding the permits to operate, in addition to an evident overcapacity, which was the main cause of the operations. Even with this situation, at LEX & Co, insurance lawyers. we are aware that a store closure, in any of its forms: temporary, partial, total or permanent, will seriously affect the economy and reputation of the establishment.

For this reason, we have a team of specialized tax lawyers who can help you defend your case and your business, in addition to providing you with all the guidance and experience necessary so that the place has the necessary permits for its operation and thus avoid a new closure.

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