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Unfortunately, businesses in Mexico can be suspended by the authorities either temporarily, partially, totally or permanently in a mercantile establishment or for lucrative purposes.

Today we will tell you the causes for which the authority can close or fine your business:







In case a verifier visits your business, you must have a verification order specific to your premises, otherwise you may refuse the inspection. This order must have the name of the premises, address, date of issuance with business day and time for the review, name of the owner of the business, reason for the visit, name of the verifier and this person must be identified with an official credential.

In the event that the review proceeds and the closure is proposed, the authority must prepare a report detailing the circumstances, causes and defense options, which may be:

It is important to mention that the suspension of the business will have full validity while the lawsuit is pending.

At LEX & CO we know that the closure and fine of a business can cause very serious economic damages, that is why we have a team of lawyers that can assist you in this matter.




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