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In previous posts, on the LEX & CO blog we have alerted you about fraudulent insurance managers, who promise their clients that they will be exempt from paying deductibles or coinsurance on medical expense policies. The Mexican Association of Insurance and Bond Agents (Amasfac) urged insurers to take legal action against the actors involved in these cases. Today we will tell you everything you need to know.


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Amasfac urges insurers to take legal action

It is estimated that at least 20% of accidents involve fraudulent insurance managers who, in complicity with hospitals and doctors, increase the price of treatments, diagnose unnecessary conditions or operations to increase costs and thus defraud both the insurers as well as the insured.

Given the increases in cases, some insurers choose to request at least two medical evaluations to verify that patients really need the recommended treatment to avoid unnecessary increases in the costs of hospital care.

The high level of claims represented by this type of fraud causes million-dollar losses to insurers, is a direct blow to clients’ finances and, finally, increases the price of medical expense insurance policies, which reduces access to these services.

The national president of Amasfac urged insurers to criminally prosecute those who commit fraudulent actions of this nature, as well as their accomplices. In addition, he asked the authorities to create a regulatory body in order to eliminate practices that directly affect all those involved in insurance fraud.


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Aesthetic surgeries disguised as emergencies

Insurers have realized that insurance managers, along with doctors and clients, want to make the policy valid for interventions that are not covered, such as cosmetic nose surgery, disguising it as an accident. However, if the practice is detected, the insurer may withdraw coverage and the client will have to assume the full cost.

Associations such as Amasfac or AMIS (Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions) have also urged clients not to trust external agents, not to give them money in advance or additional payments, or to believe in supposed benefits such as eliminating or reducing the deductible. since this could be fraud.


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