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If you are going to take out insurance, we recommend that you consider the reputation of the insurers, the level of customer satisfaction and the response they offer to claims. Today on the LEX & CO blog we will present the information on the insurers with the worst reputation according to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef).

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Condusef statistics

Based on the Exit Survey on insurance, which Condusef carried out between February and July 2023 with the participation of 18,844 users who complained about insurers through the electronic complaints portals, or in the Single Registry of Procedures, the 63% of complaints corresponded to auto insurance, 26% to life insurance and 11% to major medical expenses insurance.

Regarding car insurance, the commission indicates that around 50% of respondents were not informed about the scope, terms and conditions of the insurance contracted.

Insurers with the most claims

Until June 2023, the insurers with the most claim reports to Condusef for automobile insurance were Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP) with 19% of claims, Quálitas with 17% of claims, and Chubb with 11% of claims.

For their part, the insurers with the fewest complaints or claims were HDI Seguros, Seguros Afirme, Seguros Banorte, BBVA Seguros, Inbursa Seguros, Mapfre and Axa.

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Insurance companies that resolve conflicts

Condusef also reports on the percentage of processes that each insurer resolved in favor of users. In first place is Afirme with 40% of favorable resolutions, followed by Inbursa with 34% and in third place Mapfre with 24%.

Claims by state

Regarding claims and complaints by state of the Republic, Mexico City has first place with 2,342 cases, followed by Jalisco with 565 claims and Nuevo León with 5% of the complaints.

Causes of claims

The most frequent cause of claims was the refusal to pay compensation, with 37%. Secondly, 16% of users complained about the time it took to pay compensation and 10% of the complaints were related to dissatisfaction with the quality of the damage repair.

Condusef Recommendations

According to Condusef, if you are about to choose an insurance policy you must:

Check that the institution is registered with the National Insurance and Surety Commission (CNSF).
Read your policy contract and make sure you understand all points.
Keep your policy in an accessible place to use it whenever you need it.
Pay your dues in a timely manner.
In the event of an accident, provide truthful information and do not try to manipulate data to obtain compensation.

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